How Long Should I Wait to Eat or Drink After Taking CBD Oil?

How Long Should I Wait to Eat or Drink After Taking CBD Oil?

Having a drink or a meal after consuming CBD oil might impact its effects. So, if you are wondering how long should I wait to eat or drink after taking CBD oil, we have the expert answer for you.

Let us introduce you to the eating and drinking guidelines for post-CBD oil intake so you can use the product correctly. With proper use, you might notice the effects faster and experience higher efficiency of the product.

How Long Should I Wait to Eat or Drink After Taking CBD Oil?

To potentially maximize the effect of CBD oil is important to follow the intake instructions. More often than not, the dosage and consumption frequency are recommended by the manufacturer, but many are left wondering about the waiting period for ingestion after taking CBD oil.

Unfortunately, science hasn’t given a standardized answer on this topic. The main reason is that the time CBD needs to work depends on several factors.

However, the general recommended delay for food or drink after CBD oil ranges between a few minutes to a couple of hours, depending on your consumption method. Plus, it is important to factor in the type of drink or food you want.

All things considered, you need to allow your body enough time to absorb the CBD oil.

How Long Should I Wait to Eat or Drink After Taking CBD Oil
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Sublingual consumption

Sublingual consumption is one of the most common ways to consume CBD oil. In other words, the oil is placed under the tongue.

Many consumers use this method because it bypasses the digestive system. For the compounds to settle, you need to hold it under your tongue for approximately 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing.

When it comes to absorption rates, they vary from person to person. How quickly is CBD oil metabolized in the body depends on your metabolism, body weight, and other health factors.

If you don’t know your body’s absorption rate, it will be best to wait a few minutes before consuming any beverages, meals, or snacks. If you are extremely thirsty, you might want to wait at least a minute after swallowing the oil.

Taking CBD oil sublingually will let you enjoy the taste longer. For instance, if your pleasure of choice is the Zilis CBD oil, you would probably want to enjoy the refreshing berry flavors as much as you can.

We recommend eating and drinking before consuming CBD oil for the best effects.

Other oral consumption

CBD oil is often used to make homemade edibles. If you like to consume it that way, you can add it to your food or drink. However, you should know that it might need more time to get into your bloodstream than taking it directly as tincture.

After eating edibles with CBD oil, it might be good to drink water as it is one of the ways to speed up digestion. The water might help break down the CBD product faster and might increase the nutrient absorption process.

When it comes to eating other food, it may be best to wait a few hours. The average digestion of food, including edibles, might be anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours. Considering this, you might want your edible to be digested before eating anything else.

Other oral consumption od CBD
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When Can You Drink Alcohol After Taking CBD Oil?

Generally, it is not advised to mix CBD oil with alcoholic beverages because you may amplify the effects of both. The reason behind this is that CBD and alcohol may have depressant effects on central nervous system function.

So, what are the possible side effects of consuming drinks after taking CBD oil?

Hence, mixing CBD and alcohol might cause significant impairments in your psychomotor and motor performances. Other possible side effects of drinking alcohol and consuming CBD oil might include sleepiness, sedation, and changes in mood and behavior. You need to get the timing right to avoid these negative side effects.

So, if you want to have a drink after consuming CBD oil, it might be safe to do so after four hours. Your body will have enough time to process and absorb the CBD oil so you can feel the effects.

CBD Absorption Rate

Oral bioavailability of CBD is roughly between 13% and 19%, which is less than other consumption methods. Thus, there might be a few ways you might increase the absorption rate of CBD oil.

Consuming food after taking CBD oil, more precisely, food that is rich in fatty acids, may improve absorption rates. One of the major contributors to CBD oil efficacy is refined sesame seed oil. Yet, products with coconut or olive oil might also assist your body in faster absorption of CBD oil.

Wondering when to safely eat or drink after using CBD oil? Well, if you have taken CBD oil on an empty stomach, which most don’t recommend, you should eat after taking CBD oil regardless of the method you choose. However, you need to wait at least a minute.

CBD bioavailability

Each CBD consumption method has a different bioavailability or absorption rate. Here is a short overview of the average bioavailability.

Consumption methodBioavailability
Sublingual 10-20%
Oral ingestion13-19%

What Happens If You Eat or Drink Immediately After Taking CBD Oil?

The waiting time before consuming food or drinks after CBD oil is just a general recommendation. There are no serious consequences of having a meal or a non-alcoholic drink right after consuming CBD oil, but it may lower the bioavailability.

If you want to experience the full effects of CBD oil, waiting a few minutes may be best. While generally, it is safe to drink water after consuming CBD oil, waiting a short interval of a minute or two is recommended when taking it sublingually.

What Happens If You Eat or Drink Immediately After Taking CBD Oil
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should you hold CBD oil in your mouth?

The correct usage of CBD oil suggests holding it between 30 and 60 seconds under the tongue before swallowing the remaining oil. During this time, the blood vessels will absorb the CBD oil, and it will enter the bloodstream. 

Can you put CBD oil in a drink?

There is no scientific research that suggests avoiding CBD oil in drinks. You may add CBD oil to your non-alcoholic beverages, regardless if they are cold or hot. However, putting CBD oil in alcoholic drinks is not recommended.

Can you put CBD oil in food?

Yes, you can add CBD oil to almost any type of food. CBD oil is commonly added to baked goods and savory and sweet dishes.

What is the best food to take CBD oil with?

To get the most out of CBD oil, you can pair it with fatty fish, dark chocolate, nuts, whole eggs, cheese, avocados, and coconut oil. These products are high in fatty acids, which might increase the absorption rate and the effects of CBD oil.


So there you have it. You no longer have to ask how long should I wait to eat or drink after taking CBD oil. Be mindful of the timing if you want to experience the benefits of consuming CBD oil.

Remember that individual factors and preferences play a vital role in the effectiveness of CBD oil. What you can do is watch out for the timing of consuming CBD oil and your meals and drinks.

For the best results, ensure you follow our practical tips that might help you increase the absorption rate. Ultimately, you should always follow the recommended dosage, frequency of use, and safety recommendations.