Plant Medicine: 2021 Top Remedies & How They Work

plant medicine

2020 has been the ultimate rollercoaster of healthcare. We have been bouncing back and forth from careful observation of WHO recommendations and quarantine restrictions to some level of disappointment in medicine and its competence. No wonder the interest in Plant Medicine and herbal remedies has emerged in the past several months. However, the shady and […]

Yoga Mats: Which Ones Are Best For Me?

yoga mats

Yoga has always had millions of followers and admirers. It is pretty understandable – being unbelievably various, yoga offers numerous practices that can let you reach any goal of physical and even mental health and wellbeing. It increases your flexibility, builds muscles, improves blood circulation, and simply lets you get your peace of mind by […]

CBD for Pets

cbd for pets

If you think that CBD oil is only for people, think again. Humans are just one of the many creatures on the planet who can enjoy the benefits of CBD. All vertebrates contain the necessary neurotransmitter systems to respond to CBD. This means that pet owners can rejoice because they can use CBD with their […]

CBD for Elderly

cbd for elderly

CBD for Elderly & Seniors It’s only been a few years since CBD became popular among the general public. Nowadays, everyone from teenagers to grandparents are using CBD because of its benefits. One question that has arisen is related to the use of CBD for elderly and seniors. Is it just as safe for older […]