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The 10 Holiday Fat Prevention Commandments

The holidays are upon us, bringing with them children singing meaningless Christmas carols and a veritable excuse to eat anything we can shove in our overzealous mouths. “OK Grandma” we say. “I’ll have another glass of eggnog – after all, it’s only 3 more weeks till Christmas”. Now I personally don’t remember the last time […]

Exercises to Reduce Pooch Fat

One of the biggest things that women want to change about their bodies is the “pooch”. The liitle bit of fat in the lower belly and abdomen area that doesn’t seem to go away no matter what you do. This can be frustrating, especially when you’re working hard in your training and your diet but […]

Build a Booty – Training Guide

When putting in the work to build a set of glorious glutes, it’s important to include a variety of exercises to hit not only the large muscles of the glutes, but also the smaller muscles that often get left behind. The glutes have 2 main functions: Hip Extension Leg Rotation Knowing a bit about how […]