Why Is CBD Oil So Expensive?

Why Is CBD Oil So Expensive?

CBD products have become very popular in recent years. As a result, you can find plenty of products online from different brands ranging in price. But why is CBD oil so expensive?

In this post, you will discover which factors influence the price of CBD oil. You will also learn how to choose a natural and high-quality product with so many options online!

About CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) is among the many active ingredients of the cannabis plant. The manufacturers make it by extracting the compound from the plant and diluting it with a career oil, such as a coconut or hemp seed oil. 

Unlike its counterpart THC, CBD doesn’t have psychoactive properties. This means that it doesn’t provide a ‘high’ effect. It interacts with the body’s ECS system. The ECS regulates physiological processes in the body. 

Therefore, CBD is well-known for its potential therapeutic benefits. Manufacturers make a variety of CBD products, like gummies, vapes, flowers, and oils. The oil is a popular product among CBD users.

This is because it is simple to use and may provide fast effects. Compared to edibles which go through the digestive system, users place CBD oil under the tongue for fast absorption. The CBD oil can be full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate.

Aside from CBD, a full-spectrum oil contains other active ingredients found in the cannabis plant. They include terpenes and flavonoids. The same applies to the broad-spectrum one but without THC content. An isolate only contains CBD content.

Why Is CBD Oil So Expensive?

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CBD oil features

To get the most out of the CBD advantages, you can opt for a full-spectrum CBD oil, such as the Zillis Ultra Cell. This oil is made from organically-sourced hemp using the CO2 extraction method and cell technology. 

The oil has a tasty berry flavor and is water soluble with up to 94% absorption rate. The plant-based oil contains many active ingredients. They include prebiotics, natural flavor terpenes, and antioxidants.

This means that the compounds may interact with each other and promote an entourage effect. The plant-based oil may support the ECS, providing many benefits for the users. 

Why Is CBD Oil So Expensive?

As mentioned, plenty of brands provide CBD products online. Among the most popular ones is CBD oil, which is costly. So, why is CBD expensive? Let’s dive in!

Reasons why is CBD oil expensive 

There is no standard price for CBD oil, so they vary between vendors. The prices depend on the manufacturing and the other factors mentioned below. These are the reasons why some CBD oils are more expensive than others:

  • Manufacturing practices
  • Extraction process
  • Lab-testing 
  • Product Quality
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Marketing practices
  • Packaging and shipping 

Manufacturing process 

The manufacturing process of crafting CBD oil is expensive and time-consuming. The manufacturers need top-grade hemp plants to create high-quality products. It also requires advanced technology, skills, and knowledge. 

The manufacturers adhere to quality standards that add to the production cost. Let’s get into the details of why CBD oil is expensive. 

Cultivating process

CBD oil is a hemp-derived product that requires attentive cultivation. It requires extensive knowledge and skills. The cultivators need to watch the plants with care and ensure they don’t produce more than the legal amount of THC. 

The hemp can absorb the chemicals from the soil. Therefore, the workers need to use growing practices and fields that enable the hemp to be grown in a safe manner. Harvesting the hemp is also a challenging process.

While some workers harvest using a combine, others do it by hand, which requires a lot of work. For the oil to be natural and safe to use, the workers have to cultivate it without pesticides or harmful chemicals. The workers also need to store the crops in the right way, which can be challenging. 

Extraction process

Producing natural and high-quality CBD oil involves a comprehensive extraction process. It requires extensive knowledge and sophisticated equipment, which contributes to the price. 

There are several CBD extraction methods, each affecting the product’s price. Here are the most common methods for extracting CBD:

  • CO2 extraction. The CO2 extraction method is the highest-quality process. At the same time, it is also the most costly process. It is safe, effective, and sustainable, and it ensures product purity. CO2 extraction requires knowledge and expertise.
  • Solvent extraction. Solvent extraction involves solvents like ethanol or butane. It is less expensive than CO2 extraction but can be dangerous if it is not done the right way.
  • Steam distillation. Steam distillation is a cost-effective and solvent-free extraction method. It involves using steam to isolate the CBD oil from the plant. However, it might be less effective than other methods.

An important thing to mention is that these methods produce full-spectrum CBD oil. Their products have to undergo an extra refinement process to produce CBD products without THC. The manufacturers also need to dry the CBD, which requires large spaces with suitable conditions. 

Why Is CBD Oil So Expensive?

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Lab testing

Before they make their products available for users, brands make them undergo extensive and rigorous lab testing. By doing so, they ensure their CBD oil is free from pesticides, heavy toxins, and other contaminants

The independent testing facilities test the product’s purity and quality. They make sure the products are potent enough to provide desired effects during the testing. Investing in these tests is expensive but necessary. 

Quality control 

Besides sending their products for testing, CBD companies often test and develop them. The reason for this is to test manufacturing techniques and ensure their products meet quality standards. 

These processes need well-educated and experienced workers. They adhere to good manufacturing practices (GMP) and aim to create safe and effective products. The cost of this reflects the final price of the product. More potent products usually  cost more. The same applies to organic and non-organic oil.

Regulatory compliance

Cannabidiol is subject to legal and regulatory requirements that manufacturers need to adhere to. Based on the 2018 Farm Bill, the oil must also contain less than 0.3% THC to be legal in most US states.

The companies have to navigate licensing, permits, and compliance. This can increase the cost of the product and add to the expenses.

Increase in demand

CBD oil is very popular among CBD users. This is because it promotes therapeutic benefits without mind-altering effects. As the demand for this type of product increases, so does the price. 

The popularity of CBD products started growing after the legalization of cannabinoids in most US states. The widespread legalization led to a reduction in the supply of hemp, which influences the price of products like CBD oil. 

Marketing and promotion

The CBD market is very competitive, especially for novice CBD providers. Therefore, CBD companies often invest in marketing strategies to promote their products. They need to showcase how they differ from the competitors, which is very costly. 


Aside from manufacturing, packaging, and shipping also play a huge role in the cost. High-quality CBD oil should contain a durable glass bottle with a dropper for accurate dosing. 

The cost of shipping can also affect the product’s price. CBD oil needs to be in special packaging suitable for shipping to keep its quality. Some brands also offer international shipping, which may cost even more. 

Why Is CBD Oil So Expensive?

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Things to Keep In Mind When Buying a CBD Oil

CBD oils are generally expensive, as high-quality comes with a price. That being said, a higher price usually means that you might get a pure product that is safe to use. 

Cheap products might sound like a great deal, but the quality of the product may suffer as a result. You might get a product that is not tested or potent enough to provide the desired effects. 

When purchasing CBD oil, it is necessary to ensure it is natural and free of any harmful contaminants. Check whether they use organic hemp to produce their oil and whether it contains pure ingredients. 

You need to look for reputable CBD companies which conduct third-party lab testing of their products. You can also read customer reviews to check others’ experiences with their products. 


Why is CBD oil so expensive? This is a common question among CBD users. The prices for CBD oil vary depending on several factors. The product’s price reflects the manufacturing process, lab testing, quality control, and promotion.

When purchasing CBD oil, searching for a reputable brand that is transparent about its products is necessary. They need to provide suitable testing and ensure the products are high-quality and safe to use before they are available on the market.