Nutrition & Fitness Don’ts: Supplement Edition

You now have your diet and exercise program in check. That’s great – two of the biggest components of fat loss are now under control. But what about supplementation? When it comes to seeing optimal results, it’s important not to completely overlook supplementation as it can make a big difference on your results as well. While no supplement will ever replace a good diet or workout program, the right products can help you out. In order to help ensure you are using supplements wisely, let’s take a look at a few supplement don’ts to remember.  

Don’t Forget That Some Supplements Contain Calories

The first thing to remember is that some supplements do contain calories. Some people make the mistake of adding a protein powder to their diet for instance thinking it’s going to help with weight loss results. If you are currently short in protein, it very well may – but you need to cut something else out of your diet at the same time. If you just go adding that protein powder supplement, you’re also adding about 100-200 calories (depending on the product) to your daily diet. This can lead to weight gain if you aren’t careful. It isn’t that the supplement itself is causing fat gain, it’s that now you are consuming more calories than you were before and that is causing weight gain. So the moral of the story here is that if a supplement does contain calories, you want to swap it out for something else in your diet. Calorie balance must still be achieved.  

Don’t Let Supplements Replace Entire Meals Multiple Times Per Day

The next don’t you’ll want to avoid is letting supplements replace entire meals out of your day. While it’s definitely fine to have a meal replacement product for a mid-afternoon snack or even for your breakfast meal if you don’t have time to eat, avoid relying on supplements to replace your lunch and dinner meals just because you are too lazy to cook. On a good weight loss nutrition plan, you should be prioritizing eating whole foods. Then use those supplements when you really need to. They should not be a preferred go to so that you don’t have to cook.  You can also use weight loss support products like Zilis Ultra Burn to help shred those extra LBs.

Don’t Let A Supplement Cause You To Eat Foods You Shouldn’t

Finally, make sure that you are not letting a supplement make you believe you can eat foods you shouldn’t. There are products out there that act as a carb or fat blocker and some people will use these, thinking they can then eat foods they crave – pasta, burgers, and fried foods because they won’t be absorbed by the body. While these products may help reduce the absorption of some calories in the body, they are not going to help prevent all the calories from being absorbed. If you take advantage of this, you likely will lose body weight. So keep these supplement don’ts in mind. Make sure you don’t fall for these and end up sacrificing your results because of it.    

Weight Loss Supplement Edition

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