Nutrition & Fitness Don’ts: Nutrition Edition

If you’re on a mission to lose a few pounds, be it five pounds or twenty that you’ve gained over the last few months or years, it’s vital that you are taking a look at your nutrition plan. Nothing is going to impact weight loss progress more than the foods you eat, so getting things straight here is one of the most critical steps you should be taking for success. This said, many people make big mistakes when it comes to nutrition that ends up costing them in the results they see. Curious what those mistakes are? Let’s take a look at the biggest nutrition don’ts that you want to ensure you side-step if you hope to see optimal progress.  

Don’t Adopt A Juice Fast

Juice fasts are quite popular right now with everyone thinking this is the ticket to jump-start slow weight loss progress. Rethink that decision. The problem with juice fasts is they don’t provide you with the nutrients and energy your body needs to run optimally and can often do more harm than good. While you may lose weight while on these approaches, usually it’s just water weight or lean muscle mass loss – not the fat weight you were going for. A moderate calorie deficit with a balanced food intake is always going to be a better choice than any juice fast. We also recommend leaning on a balanced weight loss support supplement such as Zilis Ultra Burn.

Don’t Cut Back Your Protein Intake

Speaking of balanced eating, it’s vital that you ensure you get enough protein into your daily diet. Protein is the one macronutrient that generally goes up while dieting, not down. This is because as you reduce your carb and fat intake, you’ll have less energy available to the body. That means some of the protein you consume may get utilized as energy. This leaves less left over to help sustain your lean muscle mass tissue. By providing more than enough, you’ll have protein to spare. You should aim for at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight while on a fat loss diet plan. Avoid going lower than this. You can go slightly higher if you wish as well. Protein also has the added benefits of helping to combat hunger and boost your metabolism as well, so you’ll really reap great benefits from eating it with every snack and meal you consume.  

Don’t Forget Serving Sizes

It’s important that as you go about your diet, you focus on eating wholesome foods. This will help ensure that you keep your nutrition intake up and feel satisfied after each meal or snack. But, don’t discount how much of those wholesome foods you are eating. Serving size counts. Remember that it’s your total energy balance at the end of the day that will dictate the results that you see.  

Put Foods Entirely Off Limits

Finally, avoid putting any food entirely off limits. While it’s important that you aren’t eating chips, burgers, and fries every day of the week, if you really crave those, allow yourself to have a small serving once per week or two. This will help keep you mentally sane while dieting and help you avoid having an unhealthy relationship with food. Moderation is key. Every food should be allowed in smaller doses. So there you have the biggest nutrition don’ts to avoid. Are you committing any of these errors in your own approach?  

weight loss don'ts - nutrition edition

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