Nutrition & Fitness Don’ts: Exercise Edition

Looking to kick-start your weight loss program? Whether you’re a beginner just getting started or you’re someone who’s more advanced, there are a few important don’ts you need to remember at all times. Sadly, some people make some grave mistakes that end up costing them big in the long run. Let’s take a closer peek at some of the main exercise don’ts you’ll want to remember as you try and shed the fat this season.

Don’t Over-Prioritize Cardio Training

While cardio training is definitely important for optimizing the progress you see and boosting your health, don’t focus on it to the exclusion of weight lifting. When it comes to seeing maximum results, weight lifting is what will get the job done every time. You should spend about 75% of your time focusing on weight lifting workouts and the remaining 25% or so of your time on cardio sessions. Don’t spend too much time on cardio thinking it’ll get you slimmer. Weight lifting is what will change your body for the better. Also be sure to lean on a supplement that supports weight loss function such as Zilis Ultra Burn.

Don’t Let Your Ego Get In The Way

Speaking of weight lifting, when you step into the gym, leave your ego at the door. It’s far too easy to focus on lifting heavy weights to try and impress others. The problem? This can often lead you to sacrifice results and bring other muscles into play, reducing the overall results of each exercise you perform. Keep your ego in check. Lighten the weight and really get that muscle feeling it. This is what will deliver optimal results – and keep injuries at bay.

Don’t Get Stuck In A Training Rut

It’s important as you go about your workout session that you are continually changing things around. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut where you’re doing the same workout over and over again. If you want to change your body, you need to change your program. It’s that simple so don’t overlook this. Small changes will add up – this could be as simple as swapping one exercise out for another. Changing the rep ranges around is another fast and easy way to create sufficient change in your plan that will yield better results.

Don’t Forget To Track progress

Finally, don’t forget the importance of progress tracking. Write down the weight you’re lifting, how many sets and reps you’re doing, and the rest periods you took. Then compare your progress over time. Seeing that you are lifting more weight and improving can be highly empowering and can help keep you motivated to continually keep hitting the gym. While it’s great to see the scale decreasing, in times when your scale weight may be moving slower than you had hoped, it’s helpful to see performance based progress being made instead. This can keep you on track and forging onward. So keep these exercise don’ts in mind as you go about your training session. Are you making any of these vital errors?  

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