How to Tell if CBD Oil Is Expired?

How to Tell if CBD Oil Is Expired?

While the positive characteristics of CBD oil are undeniable, they can expire over time. And consuming expired CBD oil could reduce its effectiveness. So, you might wonder how to tell if CBD oil is expired.

In this article, we will go through the things you should pay attention to ensure you’re always using fresh, high-quality CBD oil.

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How to Tell if CBD Oil Is Expired?

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How to Tell If CBD Oil Is Expired

CBD oil has grown in popularity due to its many potential benefits, but it’s important to know how to know if CBD oil is expired. Like any other consumable product, CBD oil can expire with time, affecting its effectiveness. 

If you’ve been wondering how to tell if CBD oil is expired, here are some signs that could tell you that your CBD oil has expired.

  1. Expiration date

The first step in determining whether your CBD oil has expired is to check the expiration date. Here’s how to see if CBD oil is expired. Most CBD oil manufacturers should include an expiration date. The date should be on the product’s packaging or the certificate of analysis. But does CBD oil have an expiration date?

The average shelf-life of CBD oil should be around one to two years from the production date. However, this might vary depending on the oil’s quality, the carrier oil used, and the storage conditions.

One amazing product with provided expiration date and other important information is the Zilis Ultra Cell CBD. This full-spectrum CBD oil stands out because of its unique water-soluble formula designed to improve bioavailability.

That means your body should be able to absorb and use CBD more efficiently. Moreover, Zilis CBD extracts many beneficial elements from the hemp plant, such as terpenes.

  1. Changes in consistency 

One of the first signs of expired CBD oil is a change in the thickness of the oil. Fresh CBD oil should have a smooth, somewhat viscous consistency. It could even get cloudy and thicker as the product begins to expire. CBD oil might be past its date if it looks especially thick or unclear. 

Additionally, if you’ve been storing your CBD oil in a refrigerator or a cold room, you should know that low temperatures could cause the oil to thicken

If you’re afraid that your CBD oil has expired, take it out and let it sit at room temperature for a few minutes. It has likely expired if the oil continues to be very thick and doesn’t return to its original consistency and color.

Ensure Product Quality: How to Tell If CBD Oil Is Expired

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  1. Changes in color

The color of CBD oil might give important information about its freshness. CBD oil should have a clear golden hue color. Some of the oils may be darker. That could depend on the carrier oil used and whether it’s a full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate product. 

But what does expired CBD oil look like? If you’ve been wondering about that, oxidation could cause it to get a darker or murky color as the oil expires. So, if you notice a significant change in color from when you first bought your CBD oil, it could be a sign that it has expired.

  1. Changes in taste

The taste may be a less reliable way to tell the freshness of CBD oil, as it naturally may have an earthy or slightly bitter taste that could vary between products. 

That being said, if you’re used to the flavor of your CBD oil and notice a change, it could be a sign that it’s expiring. If your CBD oil starts to be unusually bitter or has an unpleasant flavor, it may be a sign that it has expired.

  1. Changes in smell 

The aroma of your CBD oil might also tell how fresh it is. Fresh CBD oil should have a unique yet subtle aroma. Depending on the type of CBD oil and its extraction process, it may have an earthy and grassy smell.

As the CBD oil starts to age and begins to expire, the smell of the oil might change. The aroma may become more pundit or even rotten, signaling that the oil is no longer at its best. If your CBD oil has a strong, unpleasant smell, it may be time to replace it. 

The Effectiveness of Expired CBD Oil

The most common problem with expired CBD oil may be its reduced effectiveness. Over time, CBD oil could degrade, which could reduce its efficacy. This means you might not get the effects you were hoping for from the product. 

But can you use expired CBD oil? Whether you’re using CBD oil to improve sleep or for any other reason, it might not be as effective if the product is expired.

Things That Could Impact the Shelf Life of CBD Oil

Here are some things that could affect the life of CBD oil.

Quality of CBD

The quality of the CBD used could have a big impact on the oil’s shelf life. High-quality CBD oil should have a longer shelf life because it’s made from industrial hemp and extracted using superior processes

Ingredients used

The ingredients used alongside CBD could also affect its life. CBD should contain carrier oils like MCT oil, flavonoids, and terpenes to help enter your system. 

Extraction process

The extraction process used to extract CBD from the hemp plant might also greatly impact the shelf life. Extraction methods of high quality, such as CO2 extraction. These methods should produce a clean product that may contribute to a longer life. 


Ideally, the CBD oil should be packaged in a dark-colored bottle which might protect the CBD oil from light exposure. Additionally, the bottle should be airtight to prevent excessive exposure to air. 

Exposure to air and light could cause degradation, potentially reducing its effectiveness. 


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The way you store CBD oil might have a big impact on its shelf life. It’s recommended to keep CBD oil in a cool and dark place. Away from direct sunlight and heat for a longer life. A cupboard or pantry might be excellent places to keep CBD oil. The ideal temperature for your CBD oil should be around 69.8 °F or 21 °C. 

Does CBD oil go bad if not refrigerated? You should avoid storing the oil in areas with high temperatures or humidity, like the bathroom or refrigerator. 

Additional Things to Consider Regarding CBD Oil

Here are some additional things you should know.

Disposing of expired CBD oil

You may wonder how to dispose of expired CBD oil because proper disposal is excellent for housekeeping and eco-friendly practice

Since CBD oil is a natural product, you should be able to dispose of it safely at home. You could combine the expired oil with something like used coffee grounds or cat litter, place it in a sealable bag, and put it in your trash. This should eliminate the possibility of misuse.

Shelf life of opened CBD oil

How long is CBD oil good for once opened? Once opened, CBD oil should remain good once opened for one to two years, depending on how well it is stored

To extend its shelf life, keep it in a dark place, away from heat and light, with the cap tightly sealed after each use. But to guarantee optimal efficiency, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommended timeframe. 

Unopened CBD oil

Many of you may wonder, does unopened CBD oil expire? Even unopened CBD oil could expire. The life of CBD oil, whether opened or not, should be around one to two years from the manufacturing date. 

Running out of CBD oil

Knowing how to tell if CBD oil is run out may seem tricky because CBD oils usually have dark bottles. Holding the bottle up to the light to see if you can see the liquid inside is a simple trick. 

The weight of the bottle may also give you an idea. An almost empty bottle should feel light. If your CBD oil is in dropper bottles, you could see if the dropper is not filling up properly. This could mean that you’re running low on CBD oil.

Running out of CBD oil

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do CBD capsules expire?

Yes, CBD capsules have a shelf life. Their shelf life should be from six months to one to two years from the production date. This, however, can vary depending on the manufacturers. 

Are there risks of using expired CBD oil?

While you might not get sick from taking expired CBD oil, it’s always preferable to stay on the safe side and use CBD oils within their recommended use-by dates.


Knowing how to tell if CBD oil is expired isn’t as difficult as it may appear at first. You can notice whether your CBD oil has expired by looking at the signs. Signs like expiration date, changes in smell, color, and consistency.