Home Gym: What’s The Best Setup For Me?

Home Gym: What's The Best Setup For Me?

With the quarantine restrictions of 2020, gyms became unavailable for most of us. Even today, when facilities are slowly but surely opening their doors, most of us are pretty reluctant towards the perspectives of spending several hours in a close space with other people or even sharing a shower with strangers.

That is why it is pretty logical that you may be thinking about setting up your home gym today. And you are not alone! As long as the industry is changing, coaches and fitness instructors become available online with various video tutorials and online sessions. Soon enough exercising at home won’t be any less efficient than membership in the best gym in your town.

However, to get the most of your workout, you may need some equipment. And with the variety of choices and options today, it is pretty easy to get confused and eventually turn your garage or apartment into storage of useless devices.

Here are some tips and guidelines on how to arrange a perfect home gym setup for you direct from our team here at Elite Health Products.

Define the space

Having enough space for a fully-functional workout is not just a matter of comfort, but is crucial for your safety. Whether you are planning to practice yoga or swing dumbbells, it is important to make sure that you won’t injure yourself accidentally or damage your furniture once a ball or kettle slips off your fingers.

Depending on the available space you may have to revise your routine, switching to mare static exercise and complementing it with outdoor jogging for the cardio effect. However, in case you are the lucky one who had an empty bedroom or another cluttered space in the house, it is high time to make an order there and consider turning it into a home gym.

Get proper equipment

Arranging your private home gym, you won`t need any of those heavy and bulky machines you might have seen in your local fitness center. The most efficient pieces of equipment for home workouts are really small and multifunctional, saving you a lot of space and money.

  • Strength – although strength-workout machines are the most massive ones in any gym, a standard set of dumbbells or a kettlebell and a resistance band are just as efficient in a set of strength exercises you may easily find online. However, bodyweight exercises are the core of the strength workout routine and don’t require equipment at all.
  • Cardio – of course, a treadmill is the ultimate cardio solution for a home gym. However, don`t go for heavy bulky models even if you are not restricted with your budget or space. There are lots of nifty compact models that are as efficient and safe to use. In case you are not ready for some serious investment in your home gym and outdoor jogging is still not an option in your area, jump rope is a solution for you! Jump rope is making an ultimate comeback in the fitness community. There are lots of video tutorials on YouTube with various workout plans for this seemingly basic and inexpensive piece of equipment.
  • Recovery – no matter your level or goal, recovery is a crucial part of every workout plan. The most common recovery practices are various yoga asanas, so make sure to get a quality anti-slippery yoga mat. Another useful piece of equipment is a foam roller. With various massaging surfaces and sizes, they are extremely versatile and can replace a visit to a masseuse in most cases.


Once you have arranged your workout area and got all the equipment make sure that you can store it safely. This is extremely important once you have little children or pets at home. Restrict access to heavy equipment even if you got organizers and frame-racks for your weights. In case you got a treadmill, it is important to keep kids away from it. This might be the most attractive and fun machine, but children may seriously injure themselves once they use it unsupervised.

Now you are all set-up and ready to start your independent journey to a healthy and safe lifestyle. However, don`t hesitate to engage your family members or even invite close friends or neighbors to work out together if you have enough space. With the lack of social interaction, even this modest support will become a serious encouragement matter for your domestic workouts.

Along with a great home setup, it’s imperative that you get your body on a healthy diet. Working out at home will only be as effective as the food you put in your body. We recommend supplements that help people stay alert and reduce inflammation. Things that help you tone down the stress and not just the weight. The stress is where the eating comes in. Let’s get away from that. Healthy diets are critical as well. Be sure to read more about our best diet recommendations in our articles below.