A Closer Look At The Benefits Of Suspension Training

Suspension training

Looking to purchase a suspension system program to maximize your at home or travel workouts?  Our friends at TRX.com can get you started with a great Suspension Trainer:  Click Here to Purchase.   If you are looking for a great way to improve your fitness level, you might want to consider checking out the suspension trainer. What’s so exciting about this piece of equipment? Let’s walk you through what the suspension trainer is, the key benefits it has to offer, and some of the best exercises you can do while performing suspension training.

suspension trainer

What A Suspension Trainer Is A suspension trainer is a piece of equipment that you attach to a wall, tree, or any nearby tall object and then utilize to train various muscle groups by placing your hands or legs in the suspension trainer handles. This reduces your overall base of support, which is going to force your core to come into action while at the same time, also making sure that you are hitting other muscle groups to carry out the movement pattern. The end result is you get not only a great abdominal workout, but you strengthen other areas while burning a good amount of calories as well.

The Benefits Of Suspension Training What are the benefits of using a suspension trainer? First, you can use this trainer almost anywhere. No need to have a full gym present. If you are able to attach it to a nearby rooftop or somewhere else with a high hook, you can get a workout in. This makes it perfect for those who are on the go or traveling much of the time. Second, this is an ideal piece of equipment to improve your agility and balance fitness as well. Most people overlook this element of their fitness capacity because it’s not something we commonly train everyday. But, it can make a big difference in your overall performance as well as how easy it is to go about day to day activities. The better balance you have, the easier those activities will feel. Make It Personal - TRX Training - Yoga Finally, it’s very easy to get in a full body workout with a suspension trainer. Because you’ll always be calling the core into place with every single exercise you do, you won’t have to worry about working separately. Then with most exercises, the entire upper or lower body will also be utilized, therefore you can hit multiple muscle groups at once. This allows you to create short, but highly effective workouts in no time. So now that you can see why you should use a suspension trainer, let’s look at the top exercises to perform while using one. The Top Exercises To Perform

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STANDARD PUSH-UP The first exercise you’ll want to perform is the standard push-up. Lean away from the base of the trainer, holding the handles, one in each hand and then perform your standard push-up, lowering into the trainer and then pressing up again to complete the rep.

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ROW Once done, flip over and perform some rows. Hold the handles with both hands leaning away from them and then contracting the back, pull the body up and towards those handles. Hold there for a brief second and then lower again.

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SINGLE LEG SQUAT Finally, you can also perform some suspension trainer single leg squats by holding the trainer with both hands, lifting one leg up and then squatting down as low as you can go. Once in this lowered position, pause for a second and then press up to complete the rep. So there you have the main benefits and exercises to try using a suspension trainer. If you work hard and train wisely, you can see maximum results with this piece of equipment. Looking to purchase a suspension system program to maximize your at home or travel workouts?  Our friends at TRX can get you started with a great Suspension Trainer:  Click Here to Purchase.   FITNESS ANYWHERE, and TRX are registered trademarks of Fitness Anywhere, LLC

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