6 Ways to Better Health in 2021

6 Ways to Better Health in 2021

2020 has demonstrated to us the ultimate value of health. So, most probably, taking better care of yourself is the most probable New Year resolution you have made this time. On the one hand, the principle of healthy living is quite understandable: you should balance your diet, exercise more, clear your house and mind from unnecessary things. But how achievable are they in the era of COVID-19?

The Pandemic has amended how we see physical activities, social life, work, and leisure time today. Once pretty common, crowded gyms or yoga classes seem to be pretty exotic in some areas. Eventually, we have to come up with new ways to maintain physical and mental health.

Let’s have a brief overview of the most efficient and safest ways to make your 2021 a starting point of a healthier and fuller life from our team here at Elite Health.
Brian Townsend, Owner, Medics At Home


When some of us had to move our offices home or lived in the areas where quarantine restrictions were particularly severe, the lack of physical exercise has become an ultimate curse. Closed gyms are only the tip of the iceberg. Not having to travel to the office and back every day, some of us have ultimately converged with our couches, spending both work and leisure hours in the living room.

However, there are many ways to stay fit and even master new activities, while staying safe and observing quarantine restrictions entirely. Various phone apps will help you keep the track of your progress and encourage you while jogging in the park. And even the shyest of us finally get encouraged to master yoga asanas or dance moves with the help of numerous YouTube tutorials.

John Tallent, Chief Executive Officer, Medical Associates Clinic & Health Plans

Eat Healthily

They kept the gyms closed and supermarkets open for several months, so no wonder most of us have gained weight in 2020. However, working from home and social distancing finally allows us to take a closer look at our diet and eat healthier.

Cafeteria food and snacks at the office should give way to home-made and whole food. If you have been looking for a new hobby this year, cooking may not only become a perfect way to spend free time but a key to healthier and well-balanced nutrition.

Marcella Lingham, CEO, Quality Community Health Care

Quit Smoking!

Yes, this is a cliché New Year resolution. But every year, we lose more people to lung cancer and other smoking-related diseases than COVID-19 will ever manage to take. And anyway, when there is a potentially deadly disease on the loose, why take chances polluting your body with nicotine? When so many people have lost their jobs and businesses to the Pandemic, should you support the vicious cut-throat tobacco industry?

Amelia Mata, Owner, Hennepin Home Health Care


Most of us associate meditation with yoga or spiritual practices, but there is much more to this concept than sitting in the Lotus position repeating mantras. Meditation is your opportunity to escape reality and have some alone-time in your happy place. And there are millions of ways to do it. Some do prefer to sit in quiet or explore the potential of aromatherapy. Others consider running 5K as the best way to clear mind. Meditation is anything that soothes you, helps you relax, and set some order in your head. So make sure to allow an hour every day for this activity.

Paul Ramsey, CEO, Uw Medicine

Keep a Journal

Last but not least, keeping a journal is one of the most efficient ways to maintain physical and mental health in these uneasy times. Create yourself a checklist of milestones and keep the track of your progress. Put all your worries on paper to be able to express and analyze them. After all, it will be so much fun to go through your journal at the end of 2021 and see all the amazing progress you have made!

Molly Kaser, CEO, Center For Family Health


The last recommendation we have for making 2021 great is to introduce Zilis CBD products into your daily habits. These powerful, natural supplements are great for reducing stress and lifting your mood.
Cheryl Louks, CEO, Ciproms