4 Ways To Combat Food Cravings When They Strike

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Food cravings got you down? If so, you aren’t alone. Food cravings are one of the biggest reasons that many people fall off their diet plan entirely. You might be doing completely fine on your plan one minute and the next, you’re suffering from a craving so strong, you just can’t ignore it. What can you do in times like these? How can you ensure that you stay on track? Let’s look at four great ways that you can combat food cravings when they strike.

1 – Find A Smart Substitute

The first and often most helpful way to deal with food cravings is to find a smart substitute. Craving ice cream for instance? Try some low-sugar Greek yogurt with fruit. While it won’t be exactly like the real deal, it will be pretty close. Likewise, if you are craving potato chips, popcorn might fill the void nicely. Make it a personal challenge to come up with a good substitute for every unhealthy food that you crave.

2 – Drink A Tall Glass Of Water

Another way to get past food cravings is to drink a tall glass of water. Sometimes what you are really craving is just hydration. Your body may mistake thirst for hunger, prompting you to want to eat some food. Drink a large glass of cold water and wait 10 minutes. Then see if your craving hasn’t passed yet.

3 – Get Active

Getting active is another great way to deal with food cravings. Physical activity helps stabilize blood glucose levels, which could be driving the craving in the first place. When the craving strikes, get out and take a brisk 10 minute walk around your block. When you return, don’t be surprised if your craving has passed. As an added benefit, you’ll also burn up some calories with this trick, so even if you do go on to eat, at least you’ll have negated some of the damage.

4 – Check Your Diet

Finally, be sure to check your diet plan. Are you eating regularly throughout the day? Does each meal and snack you consume contain some protein? Are you eating adequate calories for your activity level? If you are not on a well-structured diet plan, this could be the reason you are having the craving in the first place. Try making a few changes to your meal plan so that you aren’t so hungry throughout the day and so that your blood sugar level is stabilized. Then see if that doesn’t help you ensure that you are able to control those cravings once and for all. So keep these quick tips in mind. Food cravings will always happen, so you’ll just need to learn how to deal with them effectively. Remember that it is okay to give in from time to time as well as no food should ever be completely off limits (of you will obsess over it all the time). Just keep any indulgence you do have in moderation. For helping support weight management we recommend also Zilis Ultra Burn and also Zilis Ultra Cell.

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